Your mind has the ability to believe everything you say to it. Try to tell yourself every day that you are beautiful, intelligent and powerful. Eliminate from your language: "I can not", "I do not believe in me", "I do not deserve it". It is in your hands to change your reality.

Inside you there is a wise and powerful woman who knows more than you think, sometimes you forget that this woman is inside or maybe you still do not know that she exists, but she is patiently waiting for you to decide to shine.

To know yourself and know what you really want, you must ask some of the most uncomfortable questions. Are you really doing what you want, or are you just satisfied with what you do? What is your biggest dream? What makes you feel proud of yourself? From 1 to 10, do you consider yourself happy? Would you be unfaithful? What is the mood you least like? Which goal do you still need to fulfill? What is the memory from your childhood that you most remember?

It is a road without return, but it gives you the power to take back who you are, and of course, your life.

Make  yourself the love of your life, believe in yourself and you will be unstoppable!