As we know that you love taking care of yourself, having beautiful skin and being aware of all the tendencies for personal care ... we want to talk to you about micellar water and why it has become so popular in recent months. So Maja, get comfortable and read this blog carefully because you will love it:

What is micellar water?

It is a cosmetic product made from micelles - a series of molecules that are responsible for removing all dirt from the skin - that will give you hydration, protection and eliminate any trace of makeup. The most important of all? Thanks to its natural components, it is an ideal product for all skin types.

Many Majas have added it to their daily beauty routine because it is easy to use. You just have to wet a piece of cotton with micellar water and apply it all over your face while doing small circles ... We recommend you not wash your face after applying it so that it penetrates the skin better and can fulfill all these incredible functions.

Now, know some reasons why you should use micellar water:

1.- Do not worry about your skin type, as we told you at the beginning of the blog, it does not matter if your skin is sensitive, mixed or dry ... Micellar water will act in the same way and you will notice its benefits after including it in your routine of beauty.

2.- You can use it during the day as a refreshing and practical method for the face and at night as a make-up remover.

3.- Micellar water is the best ally for all Pestles who feel they have tired and dull skin because it helps you regain vitality and gives your face greater luminosity.

4.- Prevents irritation and leaves no greasy feeling. Feel comfortable using it during the day!

5.- Do you have dark circles or do you feel tired eyes? A good dose of micellar water will help calm the skin and restore vitality.

6.- It has relaxing effects, use it if you have irritated or red skin.

7.- If your makeup is long-lasting or waterproof, there are two-phase micellar waters.

Are you still thinking of adding it to your hygiene and beauty routine? Do not wait more! Give your skin the care it deserves...