For us, one of the best times of the year is Christmas, whether for holidays, gifts, sharing moments with friends and family, etc., December is a month to celebrate, so we bring you the best tips and recommendations for organize an unforgettable Christmas dinner, this blog is for you Maja, it was time to have an amazing time at these parties.

1.- Planning with time: each time less is needed so that the year ends and most of our friends usually have commitments, so we recommend you plan your Christmas dinner at least 3 weeks in advance, thus avoiding setbacks and you will be able to make sure that everyone can attend.

2.- Choose the dinner: this point is the most important if you want to show off at the Maja dinner, since you should take into account the taste of the guests, however, avoid complicating your life trying to please each one of them, choose dishes that most people like and that are easy to prepare, sophisticated dishes or high specialty dishes are not necessary. A three-course menu accompanied by the ideal drink will suffice.

3 .- The table: creativity is also important for that day, let your imagination fly and play with the details: the tablecloth, cutlery, flowers, candles and ornaments. We are sure you will surprise everyone!

4.- Include your family: they can help you to make the previous purchases, in the kitchen and even with the decoration, make them participants of that long awaited event Maja, this will help you to release the tension and you will be able to know other points of view. In addition, everyone will end up happy.

5.- In the kitchen: try to make dishes with recipes that are not so complicated to save time and avoid stress. You can leave ready the ingredients that you will use a day before the meal, remember that you can also freeze the garnish, we assure you that it will be conserved.

6.- Make a gift exchange: it is the best way to interact with guests and have fun, however, to avoid tensions and dissatisfied guests, establish a minimum and maximum amount so that everyone can leave happy with their gifts.

Remember to add the feminine and delicate touch of Maja Plum Blossom in these Christmas Maja. You tell us how it went!