Each time one year ends and the other is about to begin, we draw new goals and purposes to fulfill, whether in the personal, work or even amorous Majas, the purposes are always part of the New Year ritual, so we made a infallible guide to be able to reach all our new objectives and succeed in this 2019.

Get comfortable and aim all you have to do to achieve all your New Year's resolutions ...

1.- Reflect on the previous year: without a doubt, this is the first step you must do Maja to do a review of what you achieved and what was left pending for the new year. Open your mind and analyze yourself!

2.- Define your purposes: at the beginning, for the emotion you will want to fulfill many at the same time. However, our recommendation is to focus first on just one. In order to remain focused all the time.

3.- Set deadlines for your purposes: be it short, medium and long term, get ready and think about how long you want to achieve, do not forget that the times should be realistic, otherwise you could get frustrated in the attempt.

4.- Be constant: many of the purposes we set for ourselves, will really end up being new habits for our day to day, think at all times in a positive way, do not postpone or ignore negative comments.

5.- Record your goals: you can do it with mental maps, graphics and even with Maja drawings, the important thing is to see how progress has been and that way you will be able to motivate yourself to reach the goal.

6.- Day by day: as mentioned above, the ideal is one step at a time, a way to organize yourself Maja and not feel overwhelmed, is to draw a purpose every month, so you will see your goals come gradually.

7.- Do not give up: no goal is easy to achieve, it requires effort and perseverance, so, do not give up, always have a Maja attitude and do not let anything or anyone discourage you to fulfill what you want.

So get to work, New Year ... new life. Receive a Happy New Year 2019 from all the team!