Whether in the city, on a visit to the sea or during a walk with friends, when you are going to expose yourself to the sun Maja, you must always have adequate protection to not hurt or damage your skin, remember that it is the best attribute when sensuality We speakā€¦

That's why, and now with the arrival of spring, we want to give you some unmissable tips to take care of your skin and avoid unpleasant moments during this cool season.

1.- Use moisturizing creams: in addition to spraying the fresh aroma of Maja Aqua Turquoise on your skin, you should add to your care routine a cream that in addition to hydrating leaves a delicate and moisturizing sensation. Today, we recommend the Aqua Turquesa perfumed liquid cream, enriched with almond oil and vitamin E. Know all its qualities on our website: http://majaproducts.com/es/aqua-turquesa.

2.- Sunscreen: if you are going to stay in the sun for a long time, it is best to apply a sunscreen according to your skin tone for adequate protection from ultraviolet radiation ... If your skin is dark or dark, use a protector from 30 to 50 FSP and if it is lighter or white it uses an FSP protector from 50 to 100.

3.- Choose your clothes well: getting an outfit for these hot days can be a challenge, since besides wanting to look beautiful, you'll want to feel comfortable ... Wear cotton or linen to withstand high temperatures, leaving home with glasses of sun and do not forget hats and umbrellas, they will serve you to shade you.

4.- Take care of your diet: a diet rich in vitamins and antioxidants will prevent free radicals from taking over your body and damaging the cells that protect your skin. Consume foods and fruits rich in vitamin C such as orange, kiwi, broccoli, strawberries, papaya, peppers, cauliflower and guava.

5.- Do not use lemon or exfoliate: if the exfoliation is between your daily routine ... Do not do it! Do it at least a week after exposing yourself to the sun because your skin will be sensitive and may deteriorate it. Also, do not consume citrus during this season, since a few drops on your skin can cause burns, irritations or spots.

Ready to enjoy the fresh scent of spring? The moment is now!