If you are wondering how you can be more organized, have more free time and what you should do so that your daily tasks do not accumulate ... This blog Maja is your solution!

Get comfortable and take note of the following steps to become a successful woman:

Step 1: Make a to-do list

So that nothing is overlooked and you achieve all your goals, we advise you to make a list of everything you want to do and set priorities. You can use a notebook as if it were a newspaper but here you will write down everything you need to do, you can also download applications that will notify you of what task you should do ... The most popular are: Evernote, Google Tasks and Wunderlist that are available for both iPhone and for Android devices

Step 2: Everything in its place

Set strategic places and make you feel comfortable organizing and storing things, do it at home or in the office, so that every time you find an object out of place, you can quickly relocate it and maintain order better.

Step 3: Agenda everything

We know that you love meeting with friends, attending all family gatherings, doing your job and also being aware of all your children's activities; That is why it is very important that you schedule everything Maja. Write down all important dates and upcoming meetings so you can organize your time and not miss any events.

Step 4: Divide the tasks

Depending on the number of people with whom you live, we recommend assigning and delegating the tasks in which you consider that your family members can support you, so that in addition to raising awareness and valuing time, you always maintain order and not finish sold out after making all the earrings by yourself.

Step 5: Continue the routine

All the recommendations you just met in our Maja Blog today, are essential to take that first step and become that organized woman you have loved so much. Make our advice a routine and keep it every day to reduce the disorder and say goodbye to stress.

Maja wishes you a nice Sunday... Don't forget to share today's topic and tell us how it went!