Autumn arrived and with it one of the most delicious fruits of the season, do you know what we are talking about Maja? From the tangerine! That citrus, exotic and juicy fruit that is full of vitamins and nutrients that help you highlight your beauty starting with your skin.

Without further ado, get comfortable because we talk about how often its properties and benefits are when consuming it:

1.- Rich in vitamins and minerals: mandarin is one of the fruits with more nutrients since it is rich in vitamin A, B1, B2, C, potassium, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium, ideal for creating anti-bodies and protecting the skin of external agents.

2.- Healthier skin: By consuming tangerine, you not only take care of yourself internally ... you also do it on a superficial level since thanks to its large number of antioxidants, you will look healthier and smoother skin as it combats the signs of aging premature to protect you from free radicals and UV rays.

3.- Have beautiful hair: do you want to grow your hair and do not know how? Tangerine contains the necessary dose of vitamin B12, B7 and E to challenge its growth and make it stronger. Go ahead and try it!

4.- In the diet: according to a study published in La Rep├║blica, mandarin also has large amounts of fiber, helping to regulate its weight by avoiding the storage of sugars and constipation. Start consuming it today!

5.- Take care of your smile: being rich in vitamin C, calcium and phosphorus, tangerine helps you have teeth and a healthy smile, that's right! The State University of New York found through a study that consumed mandarin also prevents gingivitis.

Think no more! Your health and well-being comes first Maja ... Happy Sunday!