Today I was with my friends and for a moment I watched them in silence.I realized that every woman is like the Maja collection of fragrances: Differentamong them, special and unique.

I have a friend who is always happy: her hair is blonde and she loves tomake jokes. She reminds me of Maja’s Orange Blossom scent; her attitude is sofresh and relaxed that I can even imagine her with an orange blossomflower crown on her head.

Another one of my friends is so self-confident, authentic, elegant and yetso unpredictable. She can always surprise us with an unexpected trip or just anew look. She is definitely Maja Classic.

The third one is all sincerity and sensuality, she can express herfeelings and ideas so clearly that listening to her leaves you a bithypnotized, so I know I can always ask for her advice. She lives as if there's notomorrow, with full intensity as Maja Plum Blossom.

I have not been able to define myself with just one of Maja essences: everyday I am a different one, and they are so unique that I love to use each one ofthem according to my mood. I think I have a bit of them all, I'm just Maja.