Have you ever woken up with dark circles for no apparent reason? There are many aspects that influence, including fatigue, not getting enough sleep, worries and even having a bad diet. But don't worry, in Maja we want you to always look beautiful and we will tell you how you can disappear them and even avoid them:

1.- Exercise: when you are in constant motion or exercise regularly, you are helping the blood to circulate properly throughout your body and this is essential to show off a relaxed and good looking skin. Do yoga, cardio or even spinning ... Your body will thank you!

2.- Apply almond oil: natural ingredients are still favorites when we speak of beauty and especially almond oil rich in vitamin E, potassium and zinc, thus refreshing the skin and avoiding the appearance of dark circles.

3.- Bye makeup: every night and before bedtime, you should remove all the makeup that exists on your Maja skin, since according to dermatologists, the remaining residues of cosmetics produce dark circles and imperfections. Use tonics to remove them!
4.- Take care of the sun: during the summer and any other season, you should use sunscreen because in many occasions the sun can increase the amount of melanin in your skin, thus causing the appearance of dark circles and a worn appearance around your eyes

5.- Chamomile tea: using chamomile to disappear and prevent dark circles has become a beauty trick that has passed from generation to generation and this is due to its great benefits, easy access and price. All you have to do is take two tea bags, dip them in a cup of hot water, let them stand for 3 minutes and put an envelope in each eye for 10 minutes. Chamomile will work as a natural anti-inflammatory and will relieve both redness of the skin and swelling.

Do not let fatigue take over your skin, follow our recommendations and look totally renewed...