The most romantic day of the year is getting closer and as we know that you have not yet decided on the gift for that special person, we have compiled the 5 best gifts for you to surprise, show love and get your best Maja Attitude. Are you ready to meet them? Let's do it!

1.- Romantic breakfast: to carry out this delicious gift you will have to show your best skills in the kitchen, since there is nothing better than starting the day with a breakfast in bed. You can make some hot cakes or synchronized with your favorite fruit and of course accompany it with a cup of coffee or chocolate. Delicious!

2.- Jenga personalized: we are sure that at some point in your life, whether in a meeting, with friends or family, you have had the opportunity to enjoy this fun board game. But now imagine that you can give it personalized… It's a great idea! Be creative and write romantic phrases, important dates or decorate them with hearts and kisses. It will be a very creative and economic proposal for your pocket.

3.- Smart speakers: sometimes gifts for them can be a bit difficult, but do you consider it technological? If your answer is yes, the best option is to buy a smart speaker, they are devices that are controlled directly through the voice and synchronized from a smartphone. Its functions are very complete, you can answer calls, set alarms, know the weather, news and listen to your favorite music.

4.- Clock: if you prefer a classic option and not be so risky, a clock is that option that will always get you out of trouble. You can find it in very competitive prices and multiple designs; The most popular are: sports, classic and vintage.

5.- Give experiences: with this option you will always get triumphant Maja because they can be tickets to a concert, musical, play, some football game or if you prefer, a romantic weekend getaway. The idea is that both spend time alone and disconnect from their daily activities.
We hope you have an amazing evening and surprise that person during Valentine's Day! Don't forget to tell us how it went...