These friends come into our life story to stay forever and we feel them so close that we can not imagine our lives without them.
If you are lucky enough to have someone special in your life, take care of him/her and keep him/her at your side and when you get old you will continue being adventure partners, laughing and sharing moments. 

These are 10 characteristics of a beautiful and true friendship:

1.Focus on the good.
Good friends do not have to show off and impress each other. That's too much work. Real friends see beyond the surface, and appreciate the good qualities.

2. Be real.
With real friends you can laugh or cry, do silly things or get serious, and still feel the chemistry of your real connection.

3. The affection counts.
You still feel his/her affection even if things get bad.

4. Mistakes are part of life.
Real friends do not judge you for making a mistake; we are all human, and we can fail now and then. We learn as we grow but during the process true friend will never condemn you.

5. Power balances.
In true friendships there is not one person who leads and another one who follows. It is about being able to take turns: to understand and be understood, to give and receive support, and to care enough to hear what is not said.

6. Ask for forgiveness.
When there are conflicts, true friends find the courage to talk about the situation and fix the problem. True friends understand, and because they understand, they are able to forgive.

7. Loyalty, care and connection.
Loyalty is the key, and connection is the norm. You know they will always take care of you. Real friends look beyond the flash of personality and stay with the essence.

8. Let the other grow.
They give space to each other to grow, the time to recalibrate and open the door to share what is only learned with experience.

9. Water the plant.
Like plants, friends should be watered too. Real friends are called to see how they are. Whether it is your birthday, his or her birthday or not, real friends do not need an excuse to keep an eye on the other and chat or text often. 

10. Celebrate the good things.
Real friends celebrate your victories. They want the best for you and you care enough to be sincerely happy for their successes. Your joy is your joy and vice versa.