One of the most anticipated seasons of the year arrived. The heat and the holidays announce that the summer is here, however, before so many climatic changes, the rains are more frequent in this season of the year.

That is why, in addition to going out with an umbrella, we must make some changes in our beauty routine to combat frizz.

To achieve this, before, we must know that frizz is the result of static (electric charge generated by friction) and lack of hydration in the hair, that's right! A dry hair tends to absorb the humidity of the environment looking like this frizzy and rebellious.

That's why here we will give you 8 basic tips to take care of your hair:

1.- Use anti-frizz shampoos or without sulfates. Sulfates are the chemical component that generates foam, however, dry hair and scalp.

2.- Use deep hydration conditioners, only place them from half to ends, since these sections of the hair are the ones that present the most dryness.

3.- Avoid the iron and the hair dryer, if it is not possible, use them at the lowest possible temperature.

4.- Uses antifrizz sprays or serums, many of them serve as thermal protectors and provide shine and silkiness.

5.- Wash your hair with warm or cold water. The hot water dries out and makes the hair opaque and brittle.

6.- Brush and untangle your hair when it is still wet, if you do it dry, you could break it and generate more Frizz.

7.- Apply a repairing mask at least once a month.

8.- Try to break your hair every two months, this will also allow your growth.