Follow the following tips to get the most out of your makeup.

1. Using a primer.-  Is an essential step in preparing the skin, because it helps to disguise the inevitable imperfections highlighted by the photos. There is one for every need, whether you require extra hydration, conceal the pores, hide lines of expression, control excess fat or simply achieve a lasting makeup.

2. Do not use sunscreen.- This is the only time where sun protection is not highly recommended. Products designed to protect the skin from the sun are laden with ingredients that reflect direct light, so they leave the phantom or dusty effect on the photos. The good thing about all this, is that it only happens when we use the camera flash or some direct artificial light, conclusion? If it is night or you will attend a dark place, avoid the products with FPS.

3. Blur the corrector. - Creating color dimensions on the face is flattering for photos, and proofreaders are a great way to do it. The best advice is to choose one that is a lighter shade than your skin, apply it down the eyes, the center of the forehead and the beard to attract light and create dimension, but ALWAYS blends very well.

4. Limits brightness. - The bright products look amazing but in the photos can be confused with excess fat and shine on the skin, so you better opt for matte options and limit the products with brightness like illuminators, shadows with glitter and very light creams to areas Very specific and well defined such as the top of the cheekbones and the upper sides of the eyebrows.

5. Perfect eyebrows. - Eyebrows are the first thing that disappears in the photos and can make a big difference to frame the face and define the features. You do not have to do anything extraordinary or exaggerated, just make sure to fill the holes with a color that resembles their natural color and fix them so that they are always raised and well combed.

6. Create outlines. - Nothing screams "self-time" rather than well defined features, so cheer up and frame the cheekbones, sides of the forehead, the tip of the nose and the jowls with a bronzer that has little or almost no brightness so that Help sculpt the face and highlight with each click.

7. Reinforce the eyeliner. - Eyes are a key element, so no matter what color or style of makeup you decide, be sure to perfect them with eyeliner. You do not have to make it thicker or more noticeable, just take care that it is a defined line that frames the natural shape of the eyes and is very close to the growth of the eyelashes. This is a great secret that makes the eyes stand out without the need to use many shadows to attract attention.

8. Define the lips. - Define your lips with an eyeliner that has the same color. This helps to define the edges, perfect any uneven shape and make the mouth look more defined, ready to be highlighted in each photo.