In Maja we want to be part of all those unforgettable moments, so we created a list of those 6 things that you can not ignore when organizing a bachelorette party. So get ready to enjoy big time and have the best of memories before saying “yes”.

1.- Who organizes the celebration? Years ago, the mother of the bride was in charge of planning the entire party. However, they are more times than the best friends of the bride and / or sisters take the reins of this emotional and fun celebration. TIP: The invitations in digital format are the most popular since in addition to being thrifty and creative, you can send them by WhatsApp and have a better response from your guests.

2.- Choice of place: Although everything will depend on the budget established for the party ... More and more Majas are choosing to make this day an adventure to remember. It can be from a night party in the trendiest place, a picnic away from the city, or even a beach getaway with your best friends. Remember, the important thing is to celebrate and enjoy to the fullest, it may not be possible to be with all your closest friends or family on your wedding day, so goodbye is a good excuse to do so.

3.- Date: this is one of the most important points to consider when planning any celebration, since in addition to setting a date on which all - or most - of your friends can attend, everything will depend on your agenda, since you will be very busy choosing the flowers for the wedding, doing makeup and hair tests, or tasting the banquet that will be offered during the wedding day. TIP: Have the party from one month to 15 days before the big day.

4. - Thematic: if you like many things at once and do not finish deciding on a specific topic, we recommend you take a look at Pinterest, it is a social network that will inspire you to decorate the bridal shower. Some of the most popular themes of the moment are: tropical, vintage, flamingo bash, navy and all pink.

5.- Prepare the games: as we know, the purpose of this party is to have an amazing time and live with all your friends, we tell you about some of the most popular games for this celebration:

a) Karaoke: choose the favorite songs of the bride and some classics of her adolescence and sing until more can not. Remember those memorable moments you have with the celebration!
b) Hot cucumber: this is a very fun game where attendees can break the ice. It consists of making a circle and putting a cucumber between the knees and passing it between each one, if a girl falls, it is automatically out of the game.
c) I never: it is a mini game where each person in the group must start with the phrase "I never" and say something they have never done or would do, if any of the attendees have done it, they should take a shot of some drink.

6.- Badges: here you can blow your imagination and create unique and eye-catching ornaments for all the guests… Although remember that you are the only one in the group that must wear a crown, headband or band with the word “bride”, which means bride and For your guests, you can give them a necklace, pin or a mask. Make your creativity surprise you!

Ready to organize a single and 100% original bridal shower? The moment has arrived!