Being thirsty is the most obvious symptom that tells you to drink water, but there are other symptoms less obvious that can also indicate dehydration.

Does your head hurt?

Throughout the day you lose liquids and salt minerals, you consume them to live and perform your activities. If you do not replenish them by drinking water, the volume of blood drops and the amount of oxygen that reaches the brain decreases. As a consequence this becomes a headache.

Are you tired?

When the amount of oxygen that gets into your body decreases (as a result of lack of fluids), nerves and muscles start shutting down to store reserves. The body is smart enough, and protects itself to survive longer without giving it water. That's why you feel tired.

Does your skin is losing elasticity?

The skin has the ability to stretch, but when it does, it needs to fill in the spaces that become larger if it does not do that then it breaks. You need water to fill those spaces. If you dehydrate, you will get your skin broken, will look opaque and get dry.

Do cravings increase?

You probably feel like you're starving and you could eat anything you see, but sometimes those symptoms occurs when you haven’t drink enough water. Before you eat the whole cake, drink water and wait 15 minutes, cravings should disappear.

Are you constipated?

In order for your digestion to work properly you need to be well hydrated. The colon absorbs a lot of water to process everything. If you do not give enough water to the digestive system, you will probably stay constipated for many days.
Take two liters of water a day. Try it to make your body work as it should.