Every Maja knows what are the basic care to have perfect skin ... use moisturizer, use sunscreen throughout the year and maintain a balanced diet. But is that enough? Today we will talk about some daily habits that you do - or have you ever done - that do not help your skin at all.

Let's start ...

1.- Shower with hot water: during the winter season or very early in the morning, the first thing you want is to take a hot shower to start the day with the best attitude, but ... did you know that dermatologists do not recommend it? This is because hot water causes the skin's natural oils to disappear, making it look dry and prone to dermatitis. Think twice before taking a long shower with hot water!

2.- Eat everything: as you read it Maja, if you think that eating snacks, fried snacks and sweets does not affect your skin…. You're wrong. These foods make your digestion heavier than normal and certain eating disorders occur, which will automatically make your skin look dull. Add nuts, carrots, cucumbers, meats and vegetables. Remember that your skin is a sign of health.

3.- Drink a lot of alcohol: passing drinks not only shows in the appearance you will have the next day, but also in the skin ... when you drink alcohol excessively, the levels of vitamin A in the body are decreased, which generates a Dry skin and accelerates the signs of premature aging. If you are going to celebrate, do it with moderation Maja, and do not forget to hydrate later.

4.- Drink a lot of coffee: drinking too much coffee makes your liver work harder and increases the toxins in your body, causing the skin to lose hydration and collagen. Our recommendation is that you do not drink more than two cups a day, if you feel anxious know here some foods that will help you say goodbye to stress.

5.- Sleep with makeup: have you ever heard that at night the skin has greater absorption capacity? Yes Maja! Therefore, you can not go to bed with makeup ... As tired as you feel, spend at least a few minutes on your face and remove it completely, so you will be preventing the appearance of wrinkles and clogging your pores.

Now you know what those habits you should avoid at all costs to look beautiful skin ... Have a happy Sunday!