If you have a pronounce breast, define waist and hips with curves, you have the ideal body, since it is considered to be the most harmonious and proportionate. It is recommended that you take advantage of your curves accentuating them with elegance: attract attention to your waist with belts and fitted jackets. V-neckline tops will look great, ah! and try not to wear clothes too tight, or at least not in both halves of the body.

Triangle or pear

If you have narrow shoulders and a small breast but wide hips and thighs, you have to balance the upper part of your body with the lower part. Run away from tight pants and skirts, as well as light colors at the bottom. Wear pronounced necklines, wear jackets with shoulder pads and complement your neckline with striking accessories. Use dresses with princess or empire cut avoid pockets and details should go at the height of the hips. Use vertical stripes and vaporous apparel for the bottom part. 

Inverted triangle

It is the opposite shape from the pear body: broad shoulders, medium breast, normal waist and narrow hips. You have to give more volume at the bottom and disguise your shoulders highlighting the breast. How can you do it? Avoid the ruffles on the tops and fine braces, wear dresses with details at the waist and under the breast. Pockets, trousers with printing and flounces on skirts will be your best allies. Use heels and show your legs!

Round or apple

Abs are the weak point of this type of body, so we must disguise the belly and try to create the appearance of being more stylized. Dress from head to foot in the same color, so from now on monochromatic looks should be a must for you. Escape the big prints, but do not give up on the smallest ones. Straight pants are better, avoid those that are flared, T-shirts or V-neck dresses also stylize the figure. And first of all, wear clothes of your exact size, neither smaller nor larger. Try to fit your figure smoothly!


Both the shoulders and the hips have the same width, and the waist is not defined, it is a proportionate body but without curves ... we will have to create them with optical illusion! Choose garments that emphasize the waist: wear dresses that fit your waist and are baggy on the rest of the body; avoid boyfriend jeans, and do not wear crossed suits. If you want to use prints or flyers choose to do only one garment, the top or bottom, never both. You can also use long jackets with short skirts to create a longer torso and long skirts with short tops to look thinner. Your best allies: flights and drapes on fabrics.