The flowers are characterized by being beautiful, elegant, sophisticated, with great aroma and by transmitting everything we want to express, from a thankfulness, joy or love ...

Therefore, in our blog today, we want to talk to you about what is the true meaning of the most beautiful flowers in the world and what are so important in our fragrance lines:

1.- Roses: at the time of the flowers, the roses of everyone's favorite, have you ever wondered why? This is due to its great meaning: love and passion. Red roses are the quintessential symbol of love, it speaks of intense passion and ardent love. White represents sweetness, purity and romanticism, while yellow, friendship and joy.

2.- Carnation: also known as "the flowers of God", the carnation, like the rose, changes its meaning according to its color. The red carnation means friendship, the yellow contempt for someone or something, the white fidelity and the rose means the eternal love of a mother towards her son.

3.- Cherry blossom: the star component of our Maja Plum Blossom fragrance has a great significance in Japanese culture, since it is a peculiar flower that can be during the spring and transmits the ephemeral, simple and delicate beauty. Its flowering means the transitory nature of life but also simplicity and innocence.

4.- Geranium: the meaning of this flower is only one: joy, especially to show that someone feels with a person. Although, if they give you a red geranium it means that there is someone who does not stop thinking about you.

5.- Azahar: represents purity, innocence and chastity. Thus becoming the favorite flower of those Majas who are about to get married. What to wear at your wedding?

6.- Orchid: evokes feminine fertility, is one of the most beautiful and striking flowers in the world that is composed of a wide family of species, with different shapes and colors. White orchids mean purity; the red one, the intense desire; the violet, wisdom; The word blue, peace and harmony, while the word: eroticism.

7.- Sunflower: it means "you are my sun", it represents the sun, the power, the strength and the desire to go forward with some proposed goal.

8. Tulip: It's a declaration of love! Talk about sincere love and a successful and true bet.

Maja, And you ... What flowers have you given? Seduce the world with the scent of the most beautiful flowers in the world! We wait for you next Sunday...