Some people say the first thing to notice when they first meet someone is at their hands…and that is because our hands tell a lot of us; they can be our best letter of presentation or just the opposite, hands without any maintenance can betray us and reveal our true age compared to the face (when it looks younger). Whatever the case is, we must take care of them every day to show off some shiny and delicate hands at any time and at any age.

With simple daily care, you can look fabulous hands!

1.- Whenever you are going to do some domestic work put on gloves to avoid any contact with the cleaning products, as they are very aggressive for the skin; never wash the dishes without them, water like detergent spoils the nails and hands a lot.

2.- Every time you wash your hands you should use soft soaps that respect the PH of your skin, the water should not be too hot and you should make sure to dry them perfectly.

3.- Use Maja hand cream; it is ideal for dry skin, apply it every time you wash your hands or feel them dry, that will also help to give them more softness.

4.- A good massage to exfoliate your hands is relaxing and effective to improve your beauty. Once a week you can do it to eliminate dead cells. This will not only improve your appearance, but will be smoother and better prepared for any other beauty treatment.

5.- If your hands are very dehydrated or require extra hydration, you can submerge them in almond oil or rosehip oil, these oils will help regenerate the skin.

6.- If at night you notice that your hands need something additional to this care, apply a generous layer of Maja hand cream, put on some cotton gloves and sleep with them, this will help you keep the hydration on the skin.

7.- In winter do not forget to protect them from the cold with good gloves.

8.-Finally, use sunscreen for your hands, take it seriously and just as you apply it on your face, do it in your hands, this way you will avoid premature aging and the unsightly stains that appear as a sign of age.