This technique uses scents of plants and flowers to stimulate different parts of our brain that process emotions and knowledge. "This is one of the reasons why every time we smell something, it constantly brings us a memory."

We want to share you some scents to help you improve your mood, make you feel calm and incredibly beautiful:

Orange Blossom: Generates vibrations for a restful sleep.

Lavender: Helps as an analgesic and contains regenerative properties, plus the deep and smooth aroma of lavender suggests a peaceful environment full with calmness and softness.

Eucalyptus: It is a powerful antiseptic. Will be the best if you have a cold.

Mint: It is also an antiseptic, works as an intense purifier and regulator of metabolism.

Jasmine: Like lavender, jasmine is used to calm the nerves, but this oil is also used to fight depression because it has revitalizing properties that produce the feeling of confidence, optimism and energy.

Cinnamon: The stimulating properties of cinnamon help to combat mental fatigue and improve concentration.

The delicious aromas of our lines will dress your skin and transmit you the best sensations. Which is your favorite one?