A strong woman should not have to hide her strength or be sorry about it. She should be proud and not let herself get down by other people’s opinion.

Here are some points this strong girl wishes to clarify for everybody:

1. Sometimes she can be vulnerable, and it is ok.
She has a solid shield, but she also knows when to let her guard down. She has learned to let the right people enter into her life. Strong does not mean harsh or cold. She is aware of herself and takes good care of herself, but this does not mean that she doesn´t feel vulnerable at times. She wants you to know that she also feels pain like everyone else. It can be tough to go through life as a strong woman, especially because everyone assumes that you are always fine. Strong women are clearly resilient, but they are also human.

2. She wants to find love.
Sure, a strong woman feels quite happy without a partner, but that does not mean she does not want to find a life partner to share fantastic experiences. She's not an ordinary girl. She has her own ambitions and projects. Others often think that since she looks so strong, she must be content. Others think this girl does not need anything else. But yes, she wants to fall in love. She does not need a partner, but she wants one.

3. There is still much more to learn.
A strong woman is strong because life has taught her much. Unlike other people, she has learned from hard times of life and has grown thanks to these situations. But this does not mean that she has already learned everything about life. She continues growing day by day and life does not cease to surprise her. She wants you to know that she is not closed to new things and to learn more about life. She’s open minded. In fact, much of her strength comes from the will of always becoming a better version of herself.

4. She is not cold, she is careful.
She's not the type of girl who tells all her problems and emotions right away, but that does not mean she's not in touch with her feelings. What happens is that, throughout life, she has learned the importance of knowing when and with whom to share her emotions. It has nothing to do with her being on guard all the time, only that she is cautious. She has many feelings; she just does not like to share them with everyone. Although she may seem cold to the people who are not close to her, she is the sweetest girl in her most intimate relations.

5. She has dreams.
She is strong, capable and always pursuing what she wants. What others sometimes do not understand is that she gets what she wants because she earns it. She achieves her goals because she puts a lot of effort into getting them. She is the type of person who has aspirations, dreams and goals. In fact, she has become stronger because she has also experienced failure and rejection when pursuing her dreams, but she has learned from those experiences and has turned pain and grief into energy and determination to succeed.

6. She is not reckless, she is brave.
She has self-confidence and she likes challenges. But there is a difference between not being afraid and being brave. You can face the monster even if you are afraid of it. It's okay to be scared. In fact, not being afraid is a bit absurd. Without fear, you would not be able to know your own limits, and a strong girl knows her own limits. She will not be exposed to situations that could potentially harm her, but she will take a difficult challenge and she will face it bravely.

7. She is not intimidating, she is self-confident.
One should not be afraid of this girl just because she is determined and self-confident. She is not an annoying woman. In fact, she does not share the thought that one should step over others to get to the top. She wants all people to achieve the success they deserve. Besides, she knows her value, and she will not be sorry for knowing it. She trusts herself and knows that trusting oneself is fundamental for achieving one’s dreams.

8. She wasn’t born this way, she became like this.
Internal strength does not always come naturally. It is something that is cultivated and worked out throughout life. A strong woman wants you to know that her strength is not something that came out of the blue, it is something that has wrought in time and to which she has put a lot of effort. It is not easy being a strong woman, in fact she has had to struggle with a world that wants to crush her and wants her to settle for "girl roles", but she has overcome her struggles and become the person she wants to be. She is a strong woman because she gets up every morning with the desire of being better every day, because every time she falls, she gets up again more convinced. She stands up to life with a positive attitude and wanting to