Show a skin full of vitality, soft, seductive and hydrated aroma is something that all Maja wants to achieve and the best way to achieve this is using creams that give us the maximum care. But, what is a moisturizer? It is the one whose main function is to penetrate to the dermis, the deepest part of the skin to make it look healthy, young and smooth.

Now, let's talk about why it is so important to always use them:

1.- Prevents the appearance of wrinkles: a dehydrated skin is more prone to wrinkles, this is because it is not nourished constantly or adequately, so, we recommend you always add it to your beauty routine, to prevent it from looking dry and stop producing collagen. Say goodbye to premature aging!

2.- Preserves the softness of the skin: Most creams are intended for a type of skin. In the case of Maja you can find intensive hydration cream and collagen and elastin cream ... ideal for majas with specific needs. They are also enriched with vitamin E, almonds, oats and glycerin. Do not forget that these benefits are also provided by the body creams and hands of Maja Plum Blossom and Maja Aqua Turquesa.

3.- Brighten up a brighter skin: an appropriate beauty routine consists of two moments, one in the morning and the other at night, apply it on your skin making circles with your fingers to stimulate blood circulation and have better absorption. By including it in your daily routine, your skin will look healthier, more radiant and make you feel more comfortable.

4.- Protects from external agents: the skin is a reflection of our health and that which surrounds us: the sun, dust, pollution, low temperatures, etc., Using cream and keeping it moisturized will help the effects of these agents affect us in a smaller proportion, do not forget that after applying cream you must also complement it by applying sunscreen.

5.- Reaffirm: in addition to making you feel fresh, sensual and delaying the signs of aging, some moisturizers also act as firming, prevent flaccidity and appearance of stretch marks, as they help to strengthen the epidermis, and regenerate tissues that have lost strength on your skin.

Ready to make your moisturizer your best ally? Tell us what your favorite Maja cream is!