Dining the first thing you find in the pantry or refrigerator, is not the healthiest option, because in addition to altering your metabolism and leaving your diet, it could cause poor digestion, insomnia, fatigue, lack of energy and stomach aches. So in this blog Maja we will tell you what are those foods that you should not eat at night.

Are you ready? Let's start ...

1.- Red meat: have you ever gone to bed after eating meat? If your answer is yes, we are sure that you could not get enough rest ... This is because its consumption causes a high content of calories and saturated fats that make digestion a heavy work at bedtime. We recommend replacing its consumption with fruits or salads so you can rest, feel light and not affect your metabolism.

2.- Broccoli and cauliflower: although we have talked several times about how important it is for health to add vegetables to meals, we must clarify that we do not recommend eating broccoli and cauliflower at dinner, since in addition to hindering the process of Digestion, its consumption late at night increases gas production.

3.- Pasta: although it is a well-known dish and seems to be the perfect dinner, we recommend that you stop doing it or modify the time you consume it, being full of carbohydrates is ideal during the day, but not at night, Remember that while you sleep your main component - hydrates - are not eliminated, they become fat.
4.- Chocolate: for some Majas, this sweet is a guilty pleasure and yes, they are right but thanks to its high carbohydrate, sugar and caffeine content, its consumption late at night causes insomnia and poor digestion. Stop doing it! You deserve enough rest to start your day full of vitality.

5.- Spicy: chili and spices are irritating, so it is not advisable to eat them at night. It is preferable to do it at mealtime because they have chemicals that could cause heartburn, reflux and cramping. Replace them with nuts, so you will be giving your body a good dose of protein and minerals.

Have dinner properly! Your health and well-being is the most important...